Axis Neurosurgery and Spine

Ryan DenHaese, M.S. M.D., FAANS
Board Certified Neurosurgeon

Joseph Beang, M.S., RPA-C
Board Certified Physician Assistant

19 Limestone Drive, Suite 11
Williamsville, NY 14221

401 North 8th St., Olean, NY
12 Center St., Fredonia, NY

phone. 716 634 3500
fax. 716 634 3525

experts in minimally invasive spine surgery

AXIS Neurosurgery and Spine was created to deliver the highest quality of spine and neurosurgical care in Western New York.

One of the main goals of AXIS Neurosurgery and Spine is to continue to implement the latest spine technologies and minimally invasive surgical approaches. These muscle sparing approaches provide access for traditional spinal surgery such as spinal fusions, disc replacements and nerve decompressions. This is done through smaller incisions which allow for less muscle trauma/injury, decreased blood loss, and decreased risk for infections, shorter hospital stay and quicker return to active lifestyle.

Our philosophy is guided by treating neurosurgical problems conservatively without surgery where applicable and surgically with the latest minimally invasive muscle sparing techniques available.

At AXIS Neurosurgery and Spine we believe the high road to service and patient care is travelled with integrity, compassion and understanding.

Axis Neurosurgery and Spine
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